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Friends family tribe and supporters this has been a dream a manifestation for years now and over the last year has really blossomed into my own business. Festival chef started as a small venture cooking for friends at a local fest called “Feel Good Fest” many friends and support networks saw my passion for culinary. Many supporters through Arise festival in Colorado, Tribal visions, & my forever home festival that brings out the best in me Shangri-La in Minnesota, my peers helped nurture and provide positive helpful suggestions along the way that unfolded into a true passion for the fusion of food and musical arts. The mission behind festival chef is unique, I aim to provide food for campers/crews while building community educate on listening to your bodies needs and nourishing it to achieve the best peak performance even under not so optimal conditions such as a large concert or festival. From there it evolved into providing balanced meals for crews, security sound technicians and performers. Musicians and all the crew are running on very little sleep and lack of proper hydration and nourishment at a festival. I saw this from the very start through my passion for the art. I wanted to make a unique catered easy and accessible experience for my fellow artists and friends working so hard for others to have their glorious “Festival Experience” rather than vending to the general public I started providing professional and personal chef experiences to the crews. being able to prepare and provide 3 meals a day hydration stations infused water and healthy snacks to fit any diet  request. Not only did this ease the mind of all the volunteer’s and crew members it saved them money and lifeted the stress of producing meals, it brought people together through food thus building a stronger community through food and conversation. Many people have made long lasting friendship’s over my meals relationships have started and networking for shows and performances thrived. I knew then that I was doing the right thing and had found my calling. Stay tuned to Festival Chef for more updates and stories experiences  along the way. Within my platform of art I also started catering rehearsal dinners and marketing to setting up special brunch menus for weddings. I enjoy families and the time around a dinner table trough culinary and my stress free yet professional prompt personality I am able to transform any event and cater to any unique style or cuisine to please.


Cooking up endless possibilities,


Justin Resech

Chef Toad

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